About Us

We, Floriane, Gabrielle, Anne-Claire, Paul, Manon, Ghali, Edouard, Chloé, Laura, Maïssane, Clément, Maxime, Guillaume, are 13 volunteers currently studying in Singapore, familiar with TEDx talks and conscious of the impact they give. From various backgrounds, we put our energies together to build from scratch the first ever edition of a TEDx event on the ESSEC Business School Singapore’s campus.

We are part of ESSEC INITIATIVE, one of the three professional student associations of our school that promotes entrepreneurship thanks to 3 different Departments:


- The Professional Department: offers consulting and training missions for start-ups

- The Campus Department:  creates several events such as a Start-up Week-End, roundtable discussions and other forums

- The TEDx Department: organizes two TEDx Talks (one in Cergy and one in Singapore) to inspire people and give them the desire to create, innovate and go out on off-beaten tracks.


United by our entrepreneurial and pioneer spirit, we want to highlight the ideas that inspire people to change their lives and communities. We all believe that the right ideas can improve our societies and shape tomorrow’s world!