Bolloré Logistics is a global leader in international transport & logistics.
The mission of the company is to support its customers as they grow by providing customized service that allows them to be more competitive in their respective markets.
Bolloré Logistics is committed to delivering reliable, flexible innovative and value-creating solutions.

Each of its strategic drivers is related to a commitment to its customers.

  • NETWORK : Supporting customers in their international development

  • INNOVATION : Delivering cutting-edge and pragmatic solutions

  • SERVICE OFFER : Offering our customers a full range of expertise with high added value

  • CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE : Enhancing the experience of our customers

  • CSR & QHSE : Supporting our customers in their sustainable development

Bolloré Logistics is on the constant quest for improvement and optimization that is central to the company’s own culture and values.



Jumanji Studio believes that business should serve the planet and its people… not the opposite. As a startup studio they leverage synergetic entrepreneurship to create startups from scratch that will reshape tomorrow’s world. They do it with Humanity as a guide... that’s what Jumanji actually means.

Since inception, Jumanji had over 20 super talented people working with the team or their startups. Those people helped on strategy, research, tech, marketing & communication, finance, and business development. Some also became founders of a Jumanji startup.

The Studio also just presented the Jumanji Fellowship Program. Once selected, Jumanji Fellows start a journey on a tailored scope with Jumanji or a startup. The Jumanji team makes sure that the engagements they curate and facilitate as well as the experience and connections they open are valuable to each Fellow. Jumanji invites Fellows to make the most of their time with the team in order to maximise their chances for deepening their impact intentions.



BLACAZ. is a fast-growing insurtech company and an expert in online insurance distribution and insurance Management for start-ups, SMEs, and large organisations.


We simplify the management of your insurances by bringing together insurance policies in one secure place, accessible and editable at any time.


Companies can get a policy fully personalised to what the company really needs, online, and in just 7 minutes.


Visit for more information or contact BLACAZ. at



A pioneer of business-related learning since 1907, ESSEC’s mission is to respond  to the challenges of the future. In an interconnected, technological, and uncertain world, where the tasks are increasingly complex, ESSEC offers a unique pedagogical approach. This approach is founded on the creation and dissemination of cutting- edge knowledge, a blend of academic learning and practical experience, and a multicultural openness and dialogue.


With 5800 students a year, a huge range of program, partnerships with the most prestigious universities in the world, 50 000 alumni, a proficient teaching faculty and great ressources, ESSEC carry on excellence and open mindset spirit.

As part of the TEDx Asia Pacific, ESSEC Singapore helps us to connect with relevant people, facilitate negotiation and make available the amphitheater.

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