2019 Speakers

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Sustainability: Together forward

Stefano Savi is the Director of the Global Platform for Sustainable Natural Rubber, a multi-stakeholder initiative aiming to address the sustainability issues arising around the natural rubber supply chain. The formation of the platform is being led by the Tire Industry Project (TIP), in collaboration with other members of the value chain, including natural rubber producers and car makers, and members of civil society.


Before this, Stefano was the Global Outreach and Engagement Director for the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil, where he lead a global team of 12 people, coordinating the organisation's expansion into new regions (including China, India, North America) and overseeing the design and implementation of RSPO Global Outreach and Engagement strategy.

A Physics graduate, Stefano believes in building conditions for people to act freely and creatively, so that they can co-create a path forward. Even if all the companies do not have the same priorities, Stefano pushes them to make the first step together. He indeed believes success is the next step together in the right direction.


Technology & Youth : Creating Champions

Teacher Teo Yee Ming has led Hai Sing Catholic School's robotics team to win the world's most prestigious robotics competition no fewer than four times. A former R&D senior engineer, he took over the school's robotics club in 2009. Under his charge, the school topped the middle-school category in the VEX Robotics World Championship in 2012, 2013, 2015 and 2017.


He is passionate about getting secondary school students interested in STEM - Education, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. In 2017, Mr Teo won the inaugural Outstanding STEM Teaching award given out by the Singapore Association for the Advancement of Science and the Science Teachers Association of Singapore. "I wanted to impact more children, to engage them and harness their interest in engineering.”

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Using sharing platforms to give back

Cheryl commenced her career as an Assurance Associate with PricewaterhouseCoopers. She subsequently joined the Real Estate Investments industry. In her day job, Cheryl heads the Business Development division at equity and debt crowdfunding platform, FundedHere.


Cheryl is co-founder of The Social Co., a platform that aims at raising awareness and funds for lesser-known causes such as mental health, suicide prevention and charities that serve those with physical and mental disabilities.. The Social Co. also created Pledge it Forward, an initiative that supported 51 charities that contribute significantly to building a more inclusive and resilient community in Singapore.


Cheryl is a board member of the Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations (SCWO) and she is also Advisor of the Young Women's Leadership Connection (YWLC), a platform connecting young women leaders with opportunities in mentorship and leadership development, networking and community engagement.


When meritocracy fails and why you should care !

Cintia Külzer Sacilotto is a mother of two, PhD from the University of Oxford and co-founder & CEO of Milky.Chat.


Cintia was trained as an economist with international experience in entrepreneurship, innovation, inclusive and sustainable development.


Cintia was born in a small city from the south of Brazil. She graduated from the Universidad de Chile with a BA and an MSc degrees in Economics. She joined the Department of Economics and the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurial Studies at University of Chile, to contribute to Latin American developing countries challenges towards innovation and education.


Looking at broadening her impact, she enrolled into a PhD at the University of Oxford within the acclaimed Oxford Department of International Development.

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Portfolio of careers

Jon has close to 20 years of experience as a career coach, management consultant, and trusted career advisor to the world’s top business-schools.


Currently, he’s fascinated by the idea of applying Design Thinking principles to individuals in their careers. This human-centric approach helps you further your empathy, and forces you to not just sit back and research options, but to get out there and take action.


In Asia, he is the founder of Audacity, a movement that provides role models and encourages youth not to be afraid of following the road less traveled in their careers. Originally from Canada, and having had the fortune to live and work on 3 separate continents, he now calls Singapore home.


Small step, big impact!

Noor Mastura is a multiple award winning social activist. In 2013, she founded Back2Basics, a non-profit committed to eradicating the poverty cycle for families by empowering their youth. She co-founded Interfaith Youth Circle in 2015, an independent non profit organisation that campaigns religious pluralism and interfaith cooperation.


Her serial advocacy also champions gender equality, youth empowerment and civic responsibility through her training programs, speaking engagements and community partnerships.


In 2016, Noor was conferred the President’s Volunteer and Philanthropy Award, the highest honour for giving to the community by the President of Singapore.


Awarded the Straits Times Singaporean of the Year in 2019, Noor also serves as advisor on numerous national boards and organisations. Her efficacy in creating social impact and empowering youth and communities was recently recognized by Asia Tatler, as one of Asia’s brightest young leaders, shaping and changing Singapore.

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Same book, different cover!

Ivanna came to life in 2008 during an Annual Drag Party in Shanghai organised by ShanghaiPride. Ever since she has been hugely involved in the lgbt scene in China. For the 8 years she was based there, until her return to Singapore in 2016. She is a resident performer at gay venues and she even hosted two gay pride opening parties.

Jaire on the other hand is a quirky and eccentric fashionista. He lectures fashion design and also works as a fashion stylist as a day job. He does marketing and PR for many gay establishments. He also does performances as a hobby in his free time. He has lived overseas for almost 10 years prior to returning to Singapore in 2016.


Breast Cancer Journey

Mikael Hartman has been practising breast surgery for more than 15 years. He is also a researcher and an associate professor from the National University of Singapore’s (NUS) Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine. He has come to realize that his biggest impact in curing breast cancer was outside the hospital. He works to change behavior of women to help them stay out of harm’s way.


Since Mikael Hartman also has a lifelong passion for motorcycles, he decided to marry these two ideas and took a colleague with him on a breast cancer awareness ride from Singapore to Stockholm a few years ago. By riding these 23,000km across 17 countries, they educated both the public and the medical institutions about breast cancer with lectures and surgical demonstrations. They also raised funds for research into the disease to help find an Asian cure.